Homeopathic remedies for menopause 2

In this blog post, I will address a few more remedies useful for menopausal problems. Homeopathy works very gentle and can help to rebalance the hormones during the time of change. Menopausal symptoms are not a normal part of getting old and no-one has to put up with them.

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Every homeopathic treatment is tailored to the person’s problems and is unique for that person. Depending on your problems you may have one or several remedies to take at the time. After every consultation, the progress is evaluated and treatment adjasted accordingly to your needs.

I have outlined only some key symptoms of these remedies related to menopause. More information and full remedy picture, you can find in homeopathic’s Materia Medica.

I need to clarify that Progesterone and Testosterone in this blog post are homeopathic remedies made from the medicinal substances used in HRT or the pill. All homeopathic remedies are made in homeopathic pharmacies. If you would like to know how remedies are made, read here.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.

For best results, I recommend consultation with a qualified homeopath with an interest in treating menopause.