Steroids and Candida overgrowth

Steroids can cause candida overgrowth. Can this be your underlying cause? Homeopathy can detox your body from the steroids. To learn how read the article…

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Why taking steroids increases your chance of developing Candida?

The steroids suppress the immune system and can lead to many imbalances in the body especially when taken over long period of time.When your immune system is low Candida thrives.

A study done at the Nagasaki School of Medicine demonstrated that “The risk of developing oral candidosis was significantly greater in asthmatic patients taking inhaled steroids” than those who didn’t. More about this study you can read here.

Forms of steroids

There are many forms of steroids- oral medications, inhalers for asthma, creams for eczema. There are situations where the steroids are life-a saving and can’t be avoided. Often people are having steroids in different forms for long periods of time. One of the side effects can be candida overgrowth. More about this you can read here.

A story

I had a patient called Mark, he was 3 years old and his main problem was eczema. He had different food intolerances and hay fever as well. Mark had had topical steroids for his eczema on and off for most of his life. He came to me as his parents wanted to see if homeopathy can help. He was on antifungal cream at this point as well, because his dermatologist did recognize candida on his rashes. Mark did improve with homeopathic treatment. Nevertheless, I couldn’t heal him completely while his mum was using steroid creams for his eczema. Once they stopped the creams and he had homeopathic detox for the steroids his skin healed. Coincidentally or not his food sensitivities and his hay-fever symptoms improved considerably as well.

What can be done?

If you have candida overgrowth and have been taking steroids in any form for whatever reason, then there it is a chance that this may be one of your root causes for candida. If you already had the conventional treatment for candida and it did not hold you may have to try the homeopathic detox from steroids.

Homeopathic detox is done by using a remedy made from steroids usually over a period of 8 weeks. this is safe, gentle, effective and inexpensive method of detox.

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