Study- homeopathy for menopause

International study using online consultations

In the next few months I will be conducting a study for using homeopathy for menopausal problems.

Homeopathy can re-balance your hormones and ease the transition. It is suitable to be used alongside conventional and alternative forms of medicine. You don’t have to suffer, see how homeopathy can help.

I am running this study because I want to broaden my experience in treating menopausal problems. It is at a very reduced rate so it will give an opportunity for people who haven’t use homeopathy to try it. Once I’ve finish the study I will use the results to:

So if you would like to take part in the 2021 study or know a family member/friend who might like to take part, then read on…

Would you like to take part?

I am looking for 12 candidates to take part in the study. All 4 consultations are via video call, using Zoom, Messenger, Skype. Candidates from anywhere around the world can take part.

The requirements for candidates are as follows:

  1. To have 2 or more menopausal symptoms. You can be at any stage of menopause: perimenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal. More information on menopause, here.
  2. To commit to 4 online consultations in 4 consecutive months. This will give us the best chance for optimal results. 1st consultation lasts up to 75 minutes. Follow up consultations up to 50 minutes.
  3. To pay a symbolic fee of £10/$12.56 per consultation on booking. This is to ensure you commit to the consultation. In my experience, in previous studies, if the consultations are free many participants book an appointment, but do not show up for the appointment and so are wasting my time.
  4. Agree to buy the prescribed remedies from a homeopathic pharmacy. You can use a pharmacy of your choice. One vial of remedy cost about £5/$6. You may need up to 2-3 remedies a month. Information on homeopathic pharmacies here. The pharmacy I use is Helios, it is based in the UK. They do send remedies worldwide, the link is-
  5. To be happy for me to use your anonymised case for publications in print and online.
  6. To be happy to provide testimonials at the end of the study.

Still want to take part?

Book an appointment and select- 1st appointment study or 15 min free chat (to discuss how homeopathy can help).

Book here

The study will be going for limited time only, until I recruit 12 participants.

All participants in the study are required to fill in a standard intake form and sign a consent. You will have one appointment a month online. Once the study finishes after 4 months if you wish to continue with homeopathic treatment for any health problems just book a follow-up appointment.

Book in your 1st appointment here.


This is not a randomised trial. All participants in the study will get a prescription based on their symptoms.