The link between dental amalgam and Candida overgrowth

Having dental amalgam fillings could be underlying cause for candida overgrowth. Homeopathy can be used to detox the dental amalgam.

It is proven that the metals from dental amalgam leak into the body and some of it accumulates into the tissues. For more information about this please, see the link after you read this article:

Some people have good working detox system and are able to detox from the metals from their amalgam fillings. They are lucky and do not have a problem with Candida. On the other hand, the people who can’t detox, tend to store the toxic materials until they are able to deal with the problem.

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Why we can’t get rid of candida overgrowth?

The body uses Candida to bind some of those toxic metals as this is a safer option than to have them free. Therefore it is impossible to permanently overcome Candida overgrowth until we have those toxins stored in the body. Hence we need to repeat the treatment again and again and the symptoms keep coming back. Those people have to keep a strict Candida diet until they are able to deal with the toxins. With homeopathy, we use remedies made from dental amalgam in very diluted quantity. This helps the body to detox and safely dispose of the toxins. Once this is done the person can deal with the Candida overgrowth using remedies. Homeopathy has good results in treating Candida. The homeopathic detox is safe and gentle metods of detox.

Finally, dental amalgam fillings are not the only cause of Candida overgrowth. There are many others an I will be addressing them in a future blog posts.

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