Taking and storing your remedies

Storing homeopahic remedies

Homeopathic remedies need to be protected from bright light, heat, and moisture. Keep all remedies away from camphor products, microwaves ovens, mobile phones and other sources of radiation.
If kept in this way they have an endless shelf life.
They should not be touched but tipped into the lid before dosing the patient.
Avoid touching other people’s remedies.

Taking your homeopathic remedies

The ‘pills’ are little sucrose balls that have been impregnated with the remedy.
If taken dry, they can be put directly under the patient’s tongue by tipping one into the mouth from the bottle cap or the small ziplock bag.
You should avoid eating, drinking or brushing your teeth for 20 minutes after taking the remedy.

What to avoid when you are homeopathically treated

You came for treatment because you were suffering, so preventing the list of antidotes below wherever possible is worth committing. If your problem relapses, look for which antidote you may have accidentally been exposed to and eliminate it. Then contact me for instructions.

Homeopathic remedies can be antidoted by:

  • coffee
  • caffeinated drinks like cola
  • strong chemical odours
  • high stress (unavoidable, of course)
  • heavy alcohol consumption
  • prescribed/recreational drugs, e.g. steroids (you may have more doses if you are on medications), to try to overcome this problem
  • some remedies (Nat Mur. in particular) can be antidoted by menthol
  • most remedies are antidoted by camphor and should not be stored near camphor products

Homeopathy works by restoring health and balance to the patient using individualised natural remedies to treat the whole person, not the disease.

Homeopathic consultations are by video call wherever you are in the world. Choose a time that suits you and book straight into my diary. Book a 15-minute introduction call and talk with Violeta about how homeopathy can help you.