"For around 20 years I have had health problems- under-active thyroid and Candida overgrowth. I felt tired and ill. I couldn't do much, no energy at all. I tried everything- doctors and natural health people and different diets. I had 4 appointments with Violeta online. I am feeling much better. I have more energy, I am able to do more and feel healthier and happier. I didn't really believe in homeopathy, but it definitely works. I would recommend anyone who has health problems to make an appointment." DB

"I have seen Violeta for stress incontinence and low libido. I had urine incontinence when running, coughing, laughing. I am only in my late 40's. I was not ready to accept this as a sign of getting old. I had one remedy in different potencies and advice to do pelvic floor strengthening exercises. I joint Pilates classes once a week and did some exercises at home. I have taken my remedy daily.
After 4 months I do not leak and my love life is much better. "SM

“I decided to try Homeopathy after coming off HRT. I didn’t know what else to do, so desperate I felt. I had hot flushes, a low mood, no energy. I was not in a happy place and not myself anymore. After 3 months of taking homeopathic remedies, I sleep better, have more energy and am motivated to do things. I even started to paint again, something that I haven’t done for the last 20 years. I definitely recommend seeing Violeta for menopausal struggles.” AW

“I come to see a homeopath after I was refused HRT because of preexisting health problems. I friend have recommended Violeta, so I decided to try. My main problems were hot flushes and sweating, insomnia, low energy, brain fog, low libido. I can’t believe that all my symptoms have improved after taking only 3 remedies for 4 months. Everyone with problems adjusting to the change- It is worth seeing a homeopath.” KG

My approach

For me homeopathy is about taking back responsibility for your health and finding the resource your body is asking for. This means that during your consultation you will be given the resources you need to begin understanding your symptoms and what you can do to provide your body with what it needs to get back in balance. You will begin to understand more about your own health. Together we will be able to make the changes needed to stimulate your own self healing mechanism.