In this post, I will explain why the overuse of antibiotics leads to candida and what can be done to help the body regain health.
The overuse of antibiotics can be one of the main underlying causes of candida overgrowth. We all know that the use of antibiotics leads to dis-balance in the gut flora. This happens because the antibiotics, although intended for a specific infection, do affect the microbiome as well. When antibiotics kill the good bacteria, it is an opportunity for other microorganisms in the gut which are not affected by antibiotics, like yeast, to thrive.

Antibiotics can be lifesaving in some situations, so we cannot completely avoid their use. Unfortunately, antibiotics are often overused, which has led to many problems like antibiotics resistance and candida overgrowth.

More information on this you can find here. More information about antibiotics resistance you can see here.

When do we receive antibiotics?
This question may seem self-explanatory, but many of us do not realize some of the mechanisms.
⦁ We all know if we have been prescribed antibiotics by our doctor for some infection.
⦁ Another way that we get a dose of antibiotics without consent is through the food we eat. Yes, animals are given antibiotics to promote growth and prevent infections. Consequently, we do get a share by consuming animal products like milk and meat. The way to avoid this is to become vegetarian or to eat organic animal products.
More information about the use of antibiotics in farmed animals you can find here.

What can we do to restore gut health?
⦁ Healthy diet: Avoid sugar and processed food. Eat vegetables and proteins, reduce fast carbohydrates. More about the candida diet you can read ⦁ here.
⦁ Eat fermented foods every day; they are natural probiotics. Buy them from a whole foods store or prepare them yourself at home. I prepare yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, and souerkraut at home, so I can say it is possible.
⦁ Add prebiotics to your diet. Prebiotics are types of dietary fibre that feeds the good bacteria in the gut (the probiotics). More about prebiotics you can read ⦁ here.
⦁ Take probiotic supplements after you have been on antibiotics. This will help to restore your good bacteria.


How can homeopathy help?
We can use a homeopathic detox protocol and detox from antibiotics. The idea behind the homeopathic detox is to help the body restore itself from the adverse effect of antibiotics. This is done by using a remedy made from the specific antibiotic that has caused the problem. We often use a remedy made from a combination of most used antibiotics because many of us have had more than one type of antibiotic. The course normally takes 8 weeks.
Another homeopathic prescription can be Bowel nosodes. These are remedies made from a healthy microbiome given in different potencies to stimulate the body to restore its gut balance.

Are there any alternatives for the antibiotics?
Yes, we have alternatives.
⦁ Keep a healthy diet; this will reduce your risk of infections, so you will not need antibiotics as often.
⦁ Another alternative is homeopathy. We have remedies known as homeopathic antibiotics, which are very effective in fighting infections.
I will be writing a blog on homeopathic remedies for different infections.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.
For best results, I recommend an appointment with a qualified homeopath.