Brittle nails refer to nails that are cracked, split and breaks easily. This can be a symptom of menopause, but not only.  Homeopathic remedies for brittle nails help stimulate and speed up the growth of nails when they grow at a slow pace.

Typically nails are strong without any spots or discolouration and have a smooth texture. But these strong nails tend to become brittle. It is a common issue that can affect anyone. It is twice more common in women than men. Brittle nails can appear on fingers or toes due to various reasons. In many cases, brittle nails can be treated with home care tips/remedies.  When it fails to respond to these measures or if it is associated with some medical condition, then you need a carefully chosen homeopathic treatment to regain the health and strength of your nails.

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Home care tips for healthy nails

  • Keep your nails clean and dry.
  • Wear gloves when washing up or cleaning.
  • Don’t use your fingernails as tools to pick, poke or pry things.
  • Avoid biting and chewing your nails.
  • Apply moisturiser to your nails and cuticles every day. Creams with urea, phospholipids, or lactic acid can help prevent cracking.
  • File your nails in one direction and round the tip slightly, rather than filing to a point.
  • Don’t remove the cuticles or clean too deep under your nails, which can lead to infection.
  • Avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone or formaldehyde.
  • Stay hydrated and eat a wide variety of healthy diets.
  • More information you can find here.

What health problems can cause brittle nails?

  • Ageing, menopause
  • Iron deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Raynaud’s syndrome

If your nails health does not respond to routine home care consider checking with your doctor if there is an underlying cause of your brittle nails.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Brittle Nails

Homeopathic remedies are effective to strengthen and thicken thin, brittle, weakened nails. The aim is to slow down cracking, breaking, crumbling, chipping, splitting and peeling of nails and prevent future recurrences. They also aid in repairing the damaged nails and help cases where the nails are dry, rough, discoloured, have vertical ridges or have become deformed and grown out of shape. The homeopathic remedies most commonly used for treating brittle nails are Antimonium Crudum, Graphites, Silicea and Thuja.

Antimonium Crudum

Antimonium Crudum is a leading medicine to treat cases of brittle nails. In patients needing it, the nails get cracked and crushed easily. The nails also tend to grow in splits. Sometimes pain in the skin lying under the nails is present. In some cases, the nails may be discoloured. They may also be deformed and grow out of shape. Apart from the above, it is also indicated for people presenting with the slow growth of nails. It is also one of the best medicines for cases of nail damage that arise from fungal infection of the nail.


This remedy is effective for cases having brittle nails that show a tendency to crumble and breaks easily. Along with this, the nails may be painful and sore, as if they are ulcerated. In few cases requiring it, the nails are rough and sometimes are discoloured black. The nails may also be deformed.


Silicea is a very beneficial medicine to stimulate nail growth. It is indicated for cases having brittle, rough, yellow and damaged nails. It is indicated to treat crippling of both fingers and toenails. There may be sometimes grey discolouration of nails or white spots on nails. In many cases, the nails on cutting split into layers or fall like powder.  Ulceration around the nails may be present. Excessive sweating on hands and feet may be present along with the above indication in many cases needing it.


Thuja is an excellent medicine for brittle, distorted nails that get out of shape. The nails are also very dry. The nails crumble and maybe discoloured too. Sometimes the nails are soft and peel off easily in layers. The nails may sometimes have vertical lines on them. Hangnails (a partly detached piece of dead skin at the side or the base of a fingernail) may also respond to it.

Arsenic Album

Arsenic Album is well indicated for thin and brittle nails. These nails get cracked, chipped easily. The nails may be transparent, or they may be discoloured reddish or blackish. The nails have vertical ridges on them and are highly damaged.

Castor Equi

Castor Equi is indicated when the nails are very brittle that crumble or chip from the slightest knock, strike on a surface or blow. The persons needing this remedy also have cracking of nails, peeling of nails or dropped off nails.

Fluoric Acid

Fluoric Acid is a suitable remedy for cases presenting with brittle nails that have parallel, vertical ridges on the nails. They are rough, too and tend to crumble quickly. Sometimes a sensation of splinter under the nail is felt. The nails can be distorted and not have a proper shape.


Sepia works well when the nails are brittle and discoloured, mostly in yellow. The nails crumble easily and are damaged. The nails may also show peeling.

Nitric Acid

This remedy is indicated for brittle nails with white spots. The nails may also lack their normal shape. Sometimes the fingernails are yellow and curved. Both finger and toenails may be severely damaged where it is required.

Tissue salts

A combination of Kali Sulph, Nat Mur. and Silica in 6x or 9x potency are often helpful to strengthen your nails. It acts more on a cellular level and helps absorb the necessary nutrients to strengthen the nails.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.
For best results and treatment tailored to your symptoms, I recommend an appointment with a qualified homeopath.