Homeopathy can help you overcome the fear of flying.

Aviophobia is quite common, and while the term is often used loosely,  the reasons behind it and how it manifests are different for every person.   For example, fear of flying can be related to the fear of closed spaces, fear of heights,  fear of death, fear of having a panic attack,  fear of motion sickness, fear of crowded places, fear during turbulence,  fear when landing, or simply the feeling of being out of control.


How homeopathy can help?

The good news is that homeopathy can help people overcome the fear of flying in two ways.  Firstly acute remedies can be prescribed to help relieve before and during the flight experience. Secondly, constitutional treatment, which looks at the problem much deeper, can help provide a longer-term solution.

Constitutional treatment looks at the history of the problem, when it started, how it manifests, and what else was going on in your life at the time. It also looks at other areas of your life, such as anxieties, stresses and worries that you may have and how these impact you generally.  A remedy is then prescribed according to your specific needs.   The aim is to treat the root cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms that manifest.

The main homeopathic remedies used for aviophobia are:

  • Gelsemium – trembling with anxiety and panic, muscles feel weak and heavy and refuse to do what you want them to do.
  • Argentum-Nitricum – very anxious, restless, diarrhoea may also be present– “what if the plane crashes”.  The fear is more related to heights and or claustrophobia. The person needing this remedy feels worse for heat and crowds and better for open air.
  • Aconite  – complete terror, panic, and fear of death – “knows the plane will crash”. The fear can suddenly appear before or during the flight.
  • Arsenicum album – is restless, cannot bear to be alone and needs constant reassurance that they will survive the flight. The main fear here is a fear of death.  The person needing this remedy feels better for company.
  • Borax – for fear of downward motion, such as when landing.
  • Nux Vomica – excessive impatience and anger while kept waiting. Stimulants such as coffee and alcohol make the anxiety worse.

Do not let the fear of flying ruin your holiday.

If the fear of flying is restricting your life and is beginning to overwhelm you, then seeking a long-term solution is definitely worthwhile.  Indeed this relates to all types of phobias.

If you feel you could benefit from homeopathy for fear of flying or other phobias, please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider. Homeopathy is not to be used instead in emergency care.