Homeopathy can be used to relieve nausea successfully. It is a holistic and natural form of medicine. Homeopathy is free from side effects and safe to use at any period of life.

Nausea can be extremely unpleasant. Many people do not realise that it can be a symptom of menopause. Nausea most often occurs during the peri-menopause, and the symptom is usually at its worst in the morning. Other PMS-like symptoms can accompany it.

Nausea is an uncomfortable feeling, usually in the upper stomach, characterised by an urge to vomit. Although this feeling usually precedes vomiting, this is not always the case during menopause.

Nausea may also be a side effect of HRT or other medications. If this is the case, you may consider talking with your GP.

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Why does menopause cause nausea?

Although the exact link between menopause and nausea is not yet fully understood, it is thought that a change in hormone levels causes the symptom. Similar to pregnancy causing morning sickness, menopause is a time of our life when our hormones are radically fluctuating, in particular, the hormones oestrogen and progesterone.

Lower Progesterone levels trigger nausea during menopause.

Homeopathic remedies for nausea

Some general tips include trying to eat small amounts regularly as low blood sugar may worsen symptoms. Taking Ginger in some form, such as chewing on a slice of fresh or dried ginger, drinking a ginger flavoured tea may be helpful.

Here are some of the remedies most often used for treating nausea. They should be tried in a 30c potency every 4 hours until some relief has been obtained, then once daily for a further 5 days. If no relief to any degree after a few days of taking the remedy, a different remedy should be considered. Those remedies can be used for nausea during pregnancy, during menopause or nausea of any other aetiology.

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  1. This person is likely to have an empty, gnawing, constantly hungry feeling in their stomach.
  2. The Nausea is intensified by the thought of or smell of food. They may go off the foods that they usually like, although they feel better about eating.
  3. A very typical Sepia felt tired from domestic duties and possibly resentful of their husband, and irritated with their children.
  4. They expect their husband to know what is wrong without being told. This is a constant complaint of many Sepia women.
  5. Exercise usually improves the mood and symptoms of Sepia, and this may be the case in nausea. Sepia women are often so tired that they can hardly leave their beds. Sepia loves dancing and vigorous exercising.
  6. There is a major amelioration from eating. Nothing fatty, which will aggravate but something plain like toast. They will feel immediately better for half an hour and then need to eat again.


  1. The Arsenicum patient is typified by weakness and prostration. They feel weak and unwell out of proportion to the actual problem.
  2. They feel very sick—nausea and Vomiting increase after eating or drinking anything.
  3. They may have a bitter taste in the mouth and may feel cold in their body temperature.
  4. They thirst for cold water in sips but feel worse for drinking it and may vomit it back after it becomes warm in their stomach.
  5. They will always want company and especially when they feel unwell.
  6. They can get quite OCD about their health.
  7. They are very tidy and fastidious.

Nux Vomica

  1. Nux Vomica is typically a hurried and dynamic person who gets a lot done in a day. When they feel out of sorts, this impatience will increase, and they may become very snappy and angry.
  2. The person does tend to feel sicker on first waking. If they can actually vomit (they may gag and retch without actually vomiting), it may temporarily make them feel better.
  3. They may be very sensitive to tobacco smoke which will cause nausea.
  4. They have a good appetite but sadly may feel worse after eating, bringing up anything they have previously taken.
  5. The Bowels will become sluggish, and they can be constipated.
  6. Often a person who is fond of a glass of wine or two.
  7. Like Arsenicum, they are chilly, but they do not require company. In fact, a company tends to annoy them as people can irritate them.
  8. They may complain about a feeling of tiredness, which bothers them as they usually have a lot of energy and many things to do. They may describe it as drugged tiredness.


  1. Horrible nausea that is much worse from the sight and smell of food (especially eggs or fish) often indicates this remedy.
  2. Other smells might also be difficult, like car exhausts or rubbish.
  3. The woman retches and vomits and has a sore and bloated feeling in the abdomen. She has trouble eating anything, although she often craves things. When she tries to eat them, they make her sick.
  4. The Nausea might be worse for movement and better from being still.


  1. The Pulsatilla women will be markedly worse for any rich of fatty food.
  2. They may like the idea of creamy food, but it will aggravate.
  3. They tend to be lacking in thirst.
  4. Their Nausea will be much worse for being in a warm stuffy atmosphere, and they are always much better for being cool and in the fresh air. They will always want windows open.
  5. They need company and reassurance from possibly their sister or a friend who has been through the same thing.
  6. They are very emotional people who will cry easily at anything. They like to have a hug or a bit of sympathy when they are feeling unwell.
  7. They tend to be worse in the evening and also in the mornings.


  1. This remedy is notable for their nausea with great distention of the abdomen and huge amounts of wind.
  2. They feel bloated after eating anything and tend to want to eat small amounts very frequently.
  3. They feel more nauseated and irritable if they let their blood sugar get too low.
  4. When they feel nauseated, they will feel better if they can belch or pass wind, but often feel that wind has become trapped.
  5. Typically Lycopodium is Lacking in Self Confidence and is averse to change, so there might be a lot of anxiety about menopause.
  6. A desire for sweets, the more she eats, the more she wants. They can tend to get shaky or headachy if they let their blood sugar get too low.
  7. They may be thirsty but will usually feel better for warm drinks.
  8. They will often have a significant energy drop around 4 pm and will often express a desire for a nap around that time which will make them feel better. Perhaps at around 8 pm, their energy increases a little again.


  1. Ipecac is usually indicated when there is a continual sense of nausea.
  2. Sinking sensation in the stomach
  3. They feel like vomiting all the time;
  4. The vomiting can be really incessant, which can cause raised intracranial pressure and nosebleed or small haemorrhages in the eyes.
  5. Eating or fasting makes absolutely no difference to their symptoms, which are just relentless.
  6. They might also have increased saliva and even drooling. They like tiny amounts of food at a time.

Lacticum Acidum

  1. Often in a woman who is slightly anaemic.
  2. Nausea worse immediately on waking in the morning and on opening the eyes.
  3. I feel like they are seasick.
  4. The woman may salivate a lot and have burning stomach pain.
  5. She usually has a decent appetite and feels better after eating.


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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider.