Swimming in chlorinated water can cause Candida overgrowth

Chlorinated water is a commonly overlooked problem in the development of a yeast infection. By swimming in a chlorinated pool or a Jacuzzi you are allowing your body to absorb plenty of chlorine, a disinfectant. Homeopathy can help to reverse the effect of chlorine on your body.

Why is this so? Why do you think they throw chlorine into the water? They throw it in to kill any bacteria and algae. Chlorine has a similar effect to an antibiotic. It is reducing the levels of the beneficial bacteria in your body and consequently allowing the yeasts to thrive. Just as chlorine kills bacteria in the water, it also kills the body’s normal bacterial flora.

Firstly not everyone who swims in chlorinated waters will get Candida overgrowth. Usually, it happens if you are susceptible to it or if your immune system is not working at full capacity. Finally this could be just one of the many underlying causes for Candida to thrive.

How homeopathy can help?

If your candida overgrowth is related to swimming in chlorinated water homeopathy can help. We can use a homeopathic remedy made from chlorine to reverse the effect that it had on you. We can give you a remedy to strengthen and balance your gut flora. Depending on your symptoms you may benefit from taking a constitutional remedy to boost your Immune system. What is the best treatment for you? The answer is highly individual. The treatment will depend on your symptoms and can be discussed during a homeopathic consultation.

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